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... helical piles, push piles, push piers, piering ...

Country: United States

... sockets, and push buttons.
Country: Spain

... Tractor, steerable, push-rod, tank ...
Country: United States

The 905, 915, 950 and 1150 RAMROD Taskmasters are now stronger, more rugged, and operate with greater lifting and push/pull power than before. RAMROD’s heavy frames and lift arm booms are manufactured to handle the most demanding jobs. RAMRODs are available in special packages from 32 inch wheels to 44 inch tracks -- with Kubota diesel or Kawasaki gas engines. In addition you have your choice from more than 60 versatile, Quick-On Quick-Off attachments.
Country: Canada

In 1810, the Sargent family entered the hardware business, beginning the trail that eventually led to the present SARGENT Manufacturing Company. Joseph Bradford Sargent and his two brothers operated a wholesale hardware business in New York City, and subsequently obtained an interest in one of their suppliers, the Peck and Walter Manufacturing Company of New Britain, CT. This company was the predecessor to the present SARGENT Manufacturing Company. SARGENT has focused on refining their manufacturing processes, along with the development of new and innovative products. Today’s manufacturing plant is made up of five different factories or “Profit Centers”, each producing items particular to their product line (e.g., bored locks, mortise locks, closers, exits, cylinders, or, Production Services - supplying production/ support services to other profit centers). Unlike batch production/ “push” techniques of the past, today we produce “what we need, when we need it, “pulling” product through the factory in a theoretical one-piece flow. Manufacturing areas are centered around production-area configured “cells”; cells generally set-up by the Profit Center employees in a way that will link operations. This joining minimizes material transportation and work-in-process inventory, while fostering maximum efficiency. Complementing the efforts to improve overall efficiency and product quality, has been an aggressive capital expenditure program allowing for sophisticated machine tool purchases to be integrated into the manufacturing process.
Country: United States